Dmytro Budorin proffessional ICO scummer


I can describe my emotion from the frustration of the CEO of Hacken, but it will be useful information except for my psychologist.

So, I will cite only facts from the activities that Dmytro Budorin carried out before Hacken in Ukraine, what is a secret for most of the holders of HKN cryptocurrency.

Dmitry Budorin, currently the CEO of a company called Hacken OU, which is registered in Estonia with a capital of 2500 EURO

HKN coin is falling down…








The date of the first entry:          13.10.2017

Hacken ICO – 23 October

Dmitry Budorin, was born in the USSR, is currently a national of Ukraine, previously served in the civil service in the main defence structure of Ukraine which is called UkrOboronProm.  And here covered the first secret, which is inaccessible to people who have never searched Google for the phrase “Dmitry Budorin” on Russia language.

Our «hero» began his financial and criminal activities 3 years before UkrOboronProm, when he sold computer equipment to officials of different ranks at prices that were 2-3 times higher than that. When I say to officials, of course, by this I mean state structures and enterprises of the Kiev and Vinnitsa regions. Apparently having earned on this, in addition to big money, Budorin was able to crawl to a position in UkrOboronProm. After all, we all understand that outsiders do not get there, they take people already proven in «affairs.» But we will not go so far into the past today; we will consider the facts fresher.

Dmitry Budorin gained notoriety and fame on the public service as a corrupt official and a bilk. He was involved in money laundering (proof below). That is why he emphasizes in the Hacken – Crypto Exchange Ranks project. The money laundering experience helps him to say that he understands this and wants to prevent (or organize) it, likewise in the crypto-sphere.

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A summary of the article:

  • Dmytro Budorin spent $ 600,000 on an ICO
  • Dmytro Budorin bought an apartment for $ 50,000 and a Chrysler car in the year of holding of the ICO, in 2017
  • And in 2016 he declared incomes of $ 2,000 for the entire second year of public service.
  • Dmytro Budorin and Yegor Aushev failed to promote CyberGuard as the main contractor for UkrOboronProm (UOP)
  • State employees of UkrOboronProm: Sergey Slusarenko, Yuriy Shramko, Yegor Aushev also involved in the Hacken project
  • Where and how he got 600,000 dollars from Dmytro Budorin for a startup Hacken is unknown.

You can find journalistic inaccuracies, blame it on anti-Russian sentiments in Ukraine and not judge a person at the place of work, but if it was not for one thing.

Dmytro Shestakov – Hacken Crypto Exchange Ranks Product Owner also worked together with Dmytro Budorin at UkrOboronProm. And was also found corrupt with a bad reputation.  The plot of Ukrainian television tells about it:


History of Dmitro Shestakov such is, at first he, with Dmytro Budorin worked at UkrOboronProm, later when Mr Budorin took the project Hacken, he invited Shestakov, as well as when he was invited by Denis Gurak in UkrOboronProm. But Dmitro Shestakov has not coped with the project Crypto Exchange Ranks and were dismissed with a scandal, and therefore does not advertise his work in Hacken in his LinkedIn page:

There are a lot of corruption scandals around UkrOboronProm in the English-speaking Internet too,

As a result, we see that in the course of the war between Ukraine and Russia, the former employees of the Ukrainian state structure, which deals with the purchase and sale of military developments, are engaged in corruption, money laundering, and later create a cryptocurrency project Hacken, which has been around for almost 2 years, and  cost only falls.

According to the history of all previous achievements of former civil servants, it is clear that all their initiatives have lasted no more than two years and no innovations and breakthrough technologies aren’t possible for them.  How many Dmytro Budorin managed to steal from the crypto community, we will soon find out.

In the meantime, I can confidently say that Dmitry Budorin, during his work in UkrOboronProm, acquired two real estate objects — an apartment in Kiev worth 4 million 546 thousand hryvnias, and a large plot of land for the construction of real estate in the Makarovo region. Judging by the purchase of the land, Dmitry had big plans for UkrOboronProm, but as we know something went wrong. This information came to us from a source close to Dmitry himself, but we are still checking it.

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Author: Sergey Sodel

8 комментариев к “Dmytro Budorin proffessional ICO scummer

  1. Будорин — известный мошенник, знаю его по Виннице. Он еще работал с Матвеевым из Паруса, вот они на пару и пилили бабки по контрактам на поставки в департаментов горсовета.

  2. а пруфы есть?
    очень похоже на заказуху!
    знаю Диму давно как прекрасного и честно человека

  3. Укроборонпром известная кормушка для отмывания бабла
    не видел там ни одного нормального и честно человека, а то что на крипте работают так это вехи современности

  4. Не новость вообще. Столько бабла разворовали на оборонке, что какой-то маленький чинуша должен за всех типа отдуваться….ха ха, решили на него всех собак стравить? не получится…садить нужно тех кто миллиардами ворует, а не тех кто у них на посылках

  5. and what is this news?
    I have been working with Dmitry for 4 years, he is a decent partner. It’s hard for me to judge, but it seems to me that the material is not objective.

  6. бардак везде вот и плодятся такие как этот Дима по котором тут некоторые плачут, мол димочка хорошенький и такое всякое. Нет нормальных и честных чиновников у нас! Все кто хоть где-то может урвать — это делают, они что зря эти должности покупают???

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